¡Beer! From the Netherlands to the world.

Have you ever wondered where the beer that we like so much came from? Where did a brewery like Heineken start from to be able to export all its product internationally?

Well, that is precisely what we will be writing about today, as it is a very inspiring story, everything begins in Amsterdam 1864, where the son of a merchant family focused on the making of lager beer. By buying a brewery, he was able to innovate his skills and put a name on his brand with which he would still be remembered today.

Gerard Heineken starting from a small family brewery that grew very quickly and had already become in this singular drink an instant success for all of Amsterdam, the quality that the family imposed on the beer without a doubt is the one that achieved this growth. so spontaneous.

Even being a relatively small brewery, thanks to Gerard’s beer, it was able to win the D’OR Medal in 1875 and subsequently became a major exporter to France.

The now company grew so much that today it exports internationally
also driven by the Alfred Henry Heineken family member who clearly sees that his work as a publicist for the brand paid off.

So from a small family starting a business in Amsterdam, it reaches where this drink is to refresh you.

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